scoot on, kiddies

Ever saw a kid glide past you on their way to school? Ever sat on a bus and thought, ‘life’s too short’? Ever just wanted to have a bit of fun getting from A to B? Do you live in a small 1 bedroom flat with nowhere to store a bike? Me too! So I invested in the Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter.

With 200mm diameter wheels and folding design, longer distance scooting was possible and storage problems were solved. At first I was hoping to be able to use it as a means to get to and from work, rather than take the tube and bus or walk for over an hour. Shame the rugged and hilly paving made this little jaunt far harder and longer than expected. However, for well paved, flat stretches, this little scooter is super fast and fun!

scooter points:

  • +1 scooter point: amazing gliding power on flat well paved streets.
  • +1 scooter point: can be stored in any nook or cranny, perfect for small urban flats.
  • +1 scooter point: can be taken on the bus/tube, so why not scoot just part of your journey?
  • +1 scooter point: great for toning up legs and bums and getting in some cardio, especially on hills (up that is)
  • +1 scooter point: can hang shopping on the handles and still scoot!
  • +1 scooter point: not too pricey compared with similar scooters on the market.
  • +2 scooter points: what can I say, it is awesome fun!
  • -1 scooter point: a rough ride on uneven paving. The wheels can tend to get caught in the cracks as they are quite thin.
  • -2 scooter point: the hard wheels make it very slippery in wet weather, as demonstrated by an ungraceful dismount into a bush on my way home one wet, cold evening. The brakes also do not work well when wet.

While this scooter did not full fill my dreams by being the answer to my commuting woes, it is the most fun form of self-propelled transport I have found. Passing a group of kids hanging out on the street corner yesterday on my trusty scooter, I received looks of awe, followed by the comment: nice scooter, (shame about the jacket).

Nuff said.



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