mackerel in minutes

10pm. Home from a super evening climbing. Something is making some noise. I suspect it is my tummy. It needs filling and fast. It won’t be with the tempting take-away down the road (although, it is a close call).

A quick, tasty, satisfying, and dare I say it, nutritious, meal in under 10 minutes, is smoked mackerel pate on toasted soda bread with a side of lightly boiled broccoli with oyster sauce. I don’t make the soda bread. Any bread will do!

Shred the smoked mackerel (after taking out the bones) and pop it in a bowl. Then dollop a couple of spoon of something gooey, like sour cream, cream cheese, even yogurt! Squeeze fresh lemon to taste and grind fresh black pepper on top… can’t have too much pepper…

Mix it up!

While all this is going on, the broccoli can be gently cooking and the toast, toasting.

Tummy full and happy.


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