move me workout

You just gotta move it! Move everything. As often as possible. Wiggle your toes, reach for the ceiling, twitch that nose. Work muscles that you didn’t know existed, till today. I will be.

Move it to 18 minutes of HIIT! 3 rounds of the following 6 exercises, 10 seconds rest followed by 50 seconds of maximum reps. Don’t stop, keep moving!

  • Single leg plank walkouts, left leg (Start standing on one leg. Reach to the floor and walk your hands out in front of you till you are in the plank position. Then walk your arms back till you can stand again. On one leg, that is)
  • Single leg plank walkouts, right leg
  • Hanging knee raises
  • Elevated plank leg lifts, left leg up (Get into the side plank position, either on your elbow or on your hand, then place the top leg up onto a sturdy elevated surface. Bracing your body, bring the lower leg up to meet the top leg, then back down to touch the floor. Your body should remain, well, as a plank!)
  • Elevated plank leg lifts, right leg up
  • Squat to backwards lunge and front kick, alternating sides



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