skip through it workout

This workout is going to hit everything! It is so intense your body will be crying out for more! Cardio, toning, strengthening, and endurance, it is going to rock your world!

The plan: 24 minutes of HIIT. 10 seconds rest with 50 seconds working as hard as you can completing 2 rounds of the following 12 exercises:

  • High knee skipping
  • Push ups
  • Jumping jacks skipping
  • Backwards lunge with sandbag press (alt sides)
  • Spotty dogs skipping (jump and land in a split stance, one leg in front and the other behind, then jump and switch leg position)
  • Hanging knee raises
  • Single leg skipping (left)
  • Sandbag squat
  • Single leg skipping (right)
  • Medicine ball plank jacks
  • Jump skipping
  • Reverse push ups

I can hear the rope spin now,



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