mexican breakfast

In my world, mexican food is happy food.

Down in the dumps? Grab a fajita! Feeling a bit blue? Tacos watch out!

Now this meal is not strictly Mexican. But, it is tasty. It is fast. Yes, you can have it for breakie. It is also another fast yet satisfying post climbing meal. Inspired by a brunch at Giraffe, I put together my own version at home.

Let’s break it down!

  1. A pre-heated tortilla wrap, just till it’s warm. Pile it up with the following toppings:
  2. A layer of tomato puree mixed with a dollop of sun dried tomato paste and a healthy spash of tabasco and a dash of water
  3. Sprinkle over a combo of black beans (tinned) and sweet corn (also tinned). I go for as much as I can get on… but I would!
  4. Cheese. In this case some mature cheddar, coz it is the best! at this point throw it in the oven to melt the cheese and get nice and hot
  5. In the mean-time scramble some eggs! 1 per person is enough. Weird? Maybe, but when it is going down, it is like someone gave you a big hug. Dump the egg on top when you plate up. 
  6. To go with it, avocado salsa. It is lush. Diced avocado, celery, lemon juice or vinigar, olive oli, pepper, salt. Sorted
  7. What is this? It isn’t… Oh yes it is! Sneck in some jalapenos, I know I did.

That’s basically it! I suppose it is more like a pizza than anything else, but what’s in a name, when it is sooooo good?


p.s. I know the picture is rubbish, but I was super hungry and couldn’t wait to tuck in. my bad!


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