saturday breakfast workout

Saturdays are the best. No alarm clock. Time to relax. Time for a nice lazy breakfast. Fresh coffee and eggs, bliss. Not mixed up together. That would be wrong, oh so wrong. Unless that’s your bag, in which case it would be right… right?

Before I get too confused, today’s workout is a time challenge. How fast can you complete four rounds of the following 5 exercises?

  • 20 backwards lunge with sandbag , alternating sides
  • 10 push ups (on rings if you have them, makes it that much harder, ooooh yeah!)
  • 20 sandbag squats
  • 5 pullups (assisted or otherwise)
  • 20 alternating side planks

I happen to have already sweated through this workout in 17 minutes and 43 seconds. Give it ago, I am sure you can beat that time!

Tomorrow is a climbing day. I have my projects. Maybe tomorrow will be the day I complete some of them. Toes crossed!

For now, it’s back to a lovely sunny saturday… And a hot shower, just to be socially acceptable


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