harder better faster stronger workout

I did notice yesterday. I was there. Took my breath away. literally.

There was an awful lot of jumping about in that workout.

All these explosive exercises (that’s how it felt to me) are all very well and good. Great for flexibility, speed, not to mention the holy grail that is cardio, but I have been thinking hard and long (not too hard or too long) about specific training for climbing. What are the really important qualities needed for climbing (I exclude nerves of steel)? Control, sitting right next to balance. Strength, for sure, who is getting chummy with endurance, especially on those longer climbs, with big moves and overhangs that I can’t avoid forever.

Keeping all this in mind, today is all about balance, control, and being mindful (deep word) of what our bodies are up too. Focus on form and ensure every movement is in control and as fluid as possible.

This is a time challenge, yay, but do not sacrifice good form for speed.

Don’t even think about it.

Complete the following exercises:

  • 50 Backwards lunges with sandbag press alternating legs
  • 50 Seated pull up and v crunch (perform one seated pull up, then do one v crunch. this is one rep)
  • 25 Sandbag one leg deadlift (left leg)
  • 25 Sandbag one leg deadlift (right leg)
  • 25 Static lunges with front foot on medicine ball (left in front first). Get into the split stance lunge position with your front foot on a medicine ball. Then move down into a lunge, and back up. This is one rep)
  • 25 Static lunges with front foot on medicine ball (right leg)
  • 50 elevated plank knee tucks. Get into the plank position with your feet on a medicine ball, bench, step, couch, whatever you have, then bring one knee in towards your chest and back. That is one rep. Alternate legs)
  • 50 leg raises with butt lift

This workout took me 25 minutes and 5 of your standard seconds to complete.



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