like an Egyptian workout

Ancient Egyptians. They did things in style. I’m talking: big, really big, made in stone, all in stone… They must have had job satisfaction. Or at least good incentive. Like a manager. With a whip.


So is this workout. Guess what, it’s called pyramid training. Coincidence? I doubt it.

The way this works: start by doing 10 repetitions of each of the following exercises. Then repeat the exercises again doing 9 repetitious, then 8, then 7… till you are doing just 1 rep of each exercise. If you add it up, and I have, turns out to be a 550 rep workout.

  • Sandbag squat with 3 half squat pulses at the bottom of the squat
  • Single arm push up hip raise (left arm). Lay on your front and push your torso up with one arm. Raise your hips off the floor (tummy tight) and push back into a single arm downward dog posture. Then reverse back down to the start.
  • Single arm push up hip raise (right arm)
  • Backwards lunge with sandbag press and shoulder swap. Start with the sandbag on one shoulder. Lunge backwards with the leg on the opposite side of the sandbag. Lift the sandbag up and over your head and onto the other shoulder, then stand up. This is one rep. Repeat on the other side, and so on till you finish the number of reps (For each round, start where you left off from the last round. e.g. if the last backwards lunge of the last round was on the right leg, start the next round on the left leg)
  • Side plank knee tuck (left leg)
  • Side plank knee tuck (right leg)
  • Pull ups (or assisted pull ups)
  • Sandbag situp
  • Burpee with hanging knee raise
  • Press ups

Time yourself!

Took me: 1hr, 3mins, 18s. Bit longer than I intended, but what else are you gonna do on a Saturday? hmmm…



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