short and sweet workout

Sometimes, there really isn’t much time in a day. That is not an excuse. That’s life.

Family, work,  social, and unexpected commitments can throw anyones workout out of synch.

No worries.

That’s life.

But, what if there was a little bit of time? Not to blitz your body, but just warm everything up. Help you feel yourself again.

10 minutes, that is how long today’s work out is. Still warm up and cool off, but the actual workout, 10 minutes.

This is your time.

So, put 10 minutes on the clock and see how many reps you can do of the following single exercise:

  • Start from standing, and get into the plank, do a push up, and back up to standing.
  • Reach up and grab your pull up bar and hang from it
  • Do one hanging leg circle one way, then reverse back the other way
  • Go back to standing

Feels good.


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