i feel the need, the need for…

… a sit down and a slug of water!

If anyone has read my previous blogs (hi!) you will remember me saying I wanted to put more running in my training.

Big words, but today I put my money where my mouth is and accepted an invitation to do some quality interval training with a colleague at work.

He set the session, so for once I can blame my dishevelled state on someone else.

It was a total killer, a show stopper, a jelly leg wobbler! This is how it went (after a warm up):

Total time: 24 minutes (not long? long enough!) . Repeat a total of 4 times. Equipment used: a treadmill

3 minutes quality:

  • 1 minute at a good fast pace. Quite a bit faster than comfortable
  • 30 seconds pick up the pace. Still not giving everything
  • 30 seconds as fast as is sustainable over the time. Pretty much everything, but not so you are about to pass out
  • 30 seconds back to the previous speed (which actually feels nice after the last)
  • 30 seconds at the starting pace

3 minutes jogging recovery

Technically speeds should be set based on maximum heart rate. Since I don’t know mine, and the calculation used to estimate it is clearly off by at least 10bpm, I did it all based on perceived effort, which has apparently been shown to be pretty accurate!

Fantastic workout. Must appeal to the masochistic side of me.


One thought on “i feel the need, the need for…

  1. interval training is awesome! I shy away from doing it on the treadmill because when we get to that speed; it tends to get loud and rocky and people start to look……but on the track; intervals? awesome. endorphin reason galore….

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