what’s my motivation?

Good question.

What motivates me to train? What motivates you?

I train for lots of reasons. As I am sure most people do. Here are some reasons, in vague order of importance:

  1. I get a grump on if I don’t (this is mostly important for friends and family who put up with me)
  2. I find it fun! Not just the sports, but the workouts too. I enjoy the challenge
  3. To perform better at my chosen sports, which are climbing and running at the moment (more about this in a later post)
  4. When I train, I tend to eat better  (I will come back to this one in a later post) and sleep better
  5. Boosts confidence. Knowing I can push hard and keep going, that I can rise to challenges and over come them, that I can be self disciplined, are all amazing for boosting confidence at any task.
  6. To improve over all long-term health.
  7. I like a fit body

 So they are some of my reasons. I am sure they will change and shift over the years, but for now…

Sometimes if you are having trouble sticking to or starting to train, or eat healthy, or just stuck in a rut, it can be good to go back to the beginning and remind yourself why you are doing it in the first place.

So, what’s your motivation?


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