messing about in boats

Spring arrived this weekend. So, what better thing to do, but get out of London and haul the canoe out to paddle on the Thames.

Last year an investment was made into the Savyor Colorado Inflatable Canoe. It is great! Fits into the boot of a car, pumps up super fast (best if you can get someone else to do it) and you are on the river in 10 – 15 minutes max!

We threw the canoe in the car and headed off to Cookham, near Maidenhead to pump it up and go.

No one else seemed to have noticed that winter had skipped town, so we had the river to ourselves.

It was very relaxing.

The river was super still near the lock and the trees cast beautiful reflections.

Wild life was waking up. Kingfishers, coots, swans…

Coot nesting

… not to mention the crocodiles, a little known inhabitant of the Thames.



One thought on “messing about in boats

  1. Damn you and your boat Rach! The boy and I made it to the park for a well desrved jog-out.. boating sounds great – expecially on a day like today! x

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