super-choc brownie

I should tell you now, so there are no miss-understandings; I am a chocolate addict.

It started in my childhood, I blame my parents.

Dark, rich, bitter-sweet, only the good stuff. These brownies have it all.

Don’t think too hard as you watch the butter (250g)  and chocolate (70%, 250g) slowly melt in a warm pan. Enjoy the glossy shine as it melts into one and breath in the aroma as it cools down.

Enjoy the arm ache as you beat the eggs (3) into the dark soft muscovado sugar (170g) till it is light and fluffy, and swirl in the glossy melted butter and chocolate to form a rich goo.

Sift in the snowy plain flour (100g) with cocoa powder (28g) and instant coffee (2 tsp) for extra umph!

Once all that is mixed in, it is time for the chunky pieces! Dark and white chocolate chunks (100g of each) and pecans (100g). No nibbling… Oh go on then!

Now, I could eat all this raw, but that usually ends in a tummy ache, so spread it in a slice tray and bake for 20-30 minutes (depending how gooey you like it) at 180 degrees.



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