squat can you?

Last week I was training with a colleague that has experience coaching. I asked him if he could take a gander at my squat technique and give me some pointers.

As suspected, my squat sucks! I have a tendency to lean too far forwards and I lose good lower back positioning at the deepest part of the squat. If I wish to maintain good back posture, which I do, I can’t squat past my legs being parallel to the ground.

Train wreck!

My goal this week is to spend at least 10minutes a day working on actual squatting technique and positioning and a further 10-12minutes to work on the areas that are most hampering good technique. The following things need to be addressed:

  • Tight calves
  • Tight hamstrings
  • Tight hips
  • Tight back

Basically, I am wound up like a rubber band! Gonna work on it and see if I can’t make a change.

Climbing tonight, so no workout apart from squatting practice.

No one likes to suck at something, but it is always in your power to work on it to make it better!


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