hard-as workout

My little musing for today:

Hard as it is to fit workouts into busy lives, do it anyway!

Not terribly profound, but does it have to be?

Today’s workout will fit in a tight 20 minutes of HIIT. Complete 4 rounds of the following 5 exercises, 50 seconds hard work with 10 seconds to write down reps and get to the next exercise. Remember, if you don’t have the kit, don’t worry, just use bodyweight or hand weights, whatever works for you!

  • Dive bombers
  • Medicine ball jump lunge then turn to the side bringing the ball over the front supporting leg
  • Running squat thrusts (with or without medicine ball)
  • Plank sandbag drag – get into the plank with the sandbag (weight, rucksack with stuff in) on the ground on one side outside your shoulder about level with your chest. Drag the sandbag under you, using the arm on the opposite side, untill the sandbag is outside your shoulder on the other side. Then drag it back using the other arm… and so on. Keep hips square to the floor and in good plank posture.
  • Medicine ball woodchop

It may be hard, but there is always a way!


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