workout kit – part 1

I haven’t been a member of a gym in loooooong time. I find gyms depressing, demoralising places. Everyone, crammed in a small space, plodding through a routine that they do three times a week, no one talking to each other.

Don’t get me wrong, if the gym is your thing and you enjoy it, fair game. But, the last time I was in one (about 2 years ago) nobody looked like they were having fun.

It should always be fun.

The solution: get out of the gym! Find a park, phone a friend, 50/50.  Mix it up, change it about, put it in a blender!

Saying that, I do have a few choice pieces of kit, that added up cost no more than 2 months gym membership. Let me introduce you:

My medicine ball, Tank. 4kg of weight in a nice awkward shape to throw about. Awesome. OK, it is not that heavy, but I am a wuss.

My skipping rope. Actually, it’s my Dad’s, I pinched it from him. I am bad. This is a cheap and, in my book, essential bit of kit. Great for cardio, coordination, works everything, and can be taken anywhere in your bag.

Casio wrist watch, classic!

Gymboss timer. Many of my workouts rely on this little beauty. It can be used as a one or two interval timer, beeps or vibrates (why?), and can also be used as a stop clock/timer. So you can set up your timer intervals and let rip, no watching a clock.

Finally, the most important thing, if you don’t have anything else, whether you go to a gym or not, get a note-book. Don’t just workout, write it down, track your progress, note down ideas, niggles, pains, progress, injuries. A great record to have.

This is the kit I leave at work, so I can get a lunch time or afternoon session in.

Good times!


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