game-on workout

Back to good old HIIT today, here is the plan, three rounds of the 6 exercises. 10 seconds to rest (get to the next exercise) 50 to get some work done!

The sandbag pick up and lunge backward combo involves standing with the sandbag (SB) in front of your right foot. Squat down and pick it up and put it on your right shoulder. Now lunge back with your left leg and holding your body super tight press the SB over your head onto your left shoulder. Now stand up, squat down and place the SB on the floor in front of your left foot. That is one rep. Now do the same thing starting on the left!

For the crab to one leg pike press up, start in the crab position then lift one leg off the ground and move over it pushing the leg up and back till you are in the pike position. Do a pike press up and reverse the movement back into the crab. repeat on the other side.

Game on


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