rocky VI workout

Who needs fancy equipment to enjoy a good training session? Rocky doesn’t.

OK, we don’t all have wood out the back that needs chopping, or a handy mountain to climb, and I am not sure I could summon 4 friends to sit in a wheel barrow so I could clean and press it.

Work with what you got! Do you have  someone to chase you on a bike, a sack of potatoes/dog food/kitty litter, a pond to dig?

Today I am at work. While I may wish to throw my computer out the window, I think that is frowned upon.

Instead, today shall be a time challenge! Yay! 5 rounds of the following exercises in order:

  • 200 running on the spot skipping
  • 20 medicine ball squat and throw (stand in front of a wall holding med ball, squat down then on the way up throw it straight up as high as you can, and catch it)
  • 20 leg lifts (with a 5 second butt lift if you want to make it harder)
  • 20 reptile knee tucks (alternate sides)

Don’t forget to time yourself!

Rocky, you rule


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