back-to-basics workout

It’s been a week, the deadline has passed, the drama is over (wasn’t that much drama, I’m not talking Hollyoaks or anything over acted).

After a week of desk chains it can feel difficult to get back in the swing of things. Body feels tight and sluggish. Mind wants to switch off after so much chugging (can’t we just watch Captain America? Boy is he buff, pass me the crisps) It all seems like far too much effort…

We have all been there. It may not be on the GPS, but I am sure you know where it is.

But, I’m going to try something, it just might work. The aim, to move everything in all directions. No added kit, sugar or preservatives, no frills, no cookies, I’m going to hit the basics, seems like the best place to start, and wake this ol’bod up….

time to be a good animal again.

HIIT, 18 minutes tops (not including a nice sweaty warmup and even more sweaty cool down). 10 seconds to twiddle thumbs, 50 seconds moving that body, and three rounds of the following 6 exercises in this order:

  • side jump lunges
  • dive bombers
  • jump lunges
  • reverse pushups
  • jump squats
  • single leg raise toe touches (alternate legs)

Cool down doing whatever you think is coolest (in terms of movement, not a big gulp or a Starbuck’s lowfat, sugar free, java, minty choc-chip with cookie pieces frappachino with cream on top)



2 thoughts on “back-to-basics workout

  1. Back to the “basics” is always a good idea…Shoot I was going to cool down with some coconut water, oh well time for a nice bike ride!!!

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