marathon training – week 1

Big day, yesterday. Completed the first ‘long run’ in my marathon training program. 6 miles of wishing I had worn a long sleeve top left me with a distinct chill. Nothing a cup of tea and a hot bowl of tomato soup didn’t fix!

Me being the lazy soul that I am, have opted for a training program that specifies just 3 runs a week. I have adapted it from one of Hal Higdon’s programs, so I can add climbing and strength training into the mix, wouldn’t want those to slide.

So, in theory, each week will include 1 long run, 1 easy run, and 1 tempo, pace, hill, or fartlek run. I will also try to fit in conditioning sessions, and climbing sessions… Here is a more complete view of my training plan. How realistic is it? Well, probably not very!

By my calculations, I have 23 weeks to train (including this one). Here is how this week is shaping up:

Sunday (yesterday) – 6 mile long run
Monday – conditioning + climbing
Tuesday 3 mile easy run + conditioning
Wednesday – rest
Thursday – fartleks
Friday – conditioning
Saturday – climbing

One day done, so far so good!


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