buckets workout

Last night I set my alarm for 6am for this morning. As good alarm clocks do, it went off at 6. As all sleepy alarm clock setters do, I hit the snooze. 3 times. Then I reset it for 7:30. Then snoozed that too.

While I don’t doubt you are excited by my morning routine, you may ask, why? Glad you asked! Yesterday I decided that to get in all the running, I would need to start fitting stuff in in the morning before work. What I forgot was that I am rubbish at getting up! Just in general. Till I have had a cup of tea I am pretty much incoherent. So to get up early to go running? Well, let’s just say it didn’t happen today! My run will have to wait till I get home tonight.

I shall try again next easy short run and in the mean time just try to get out of bed when I am supposed to. Anyone got any tips?… Anyone?

Time challenge today! 4 circuits of the following exercises in this order, as fast as you can keeping awesome form all the time:

  • 100 x high knees skipping
  • 10 x sand bag drag + 10 running squat thrusts (this is one rep, do 10 of them!)
  • 100 x scissors skipping
  • 10 x knee raise burpee
  • 100 x jacks skipping
  • 10 x medicine ball jump lunge and swing

Buckets? That’s how much you’ll be sweating!


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