speed play day

The Sun has finally started to show up around London. It was just a matter of time really, it is of course where all the cool kids are. This morning was warm and muggy with the afternoon shaping up to being hot and sunny, and the evening mild and perfect for an ice cold stubby… Lovely!

Obviously this is the ideal weather for doing some speed play (my third run of the week), which is why I will take advantage of using the treadmill at work and a big fan to waft a cool breeze over me!

Gonna start with a nice warm up (?!?). Then 5 rounds of 2 minutes recovery then 2 minutes run pushing the speed. For the first three fast intervals I will increase the speed each time, then decrease it over the last two intervals (like a pyramid), however, each fast interval will be significantly faster than my normal running pace.

Always time to play.


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