dither-not workout

After a week or so dithering around England on various missions with limited tinternet access, it’s a relief to sit down at a proper keyboard and catch up. iTools are not designed for (at least for those with butter fingers like mine) writing blog posts, or anything in need of proper spelling!

Since my training schedule has already flown south, in an attempt to salvage what remains of it, I shall be going for a run followed up by HIIT later tonight. That’s not to mean I have been sitting about all this time, I just haven’t been running… Which I should be… Lots and lots…

Tonight I shall be breaking in a shiny new pair of running shoes. So clean, so pretty, so unaware of the horrors to come. This is the fate of all my running shoes. I weep for them all. In an attempt to spare them, they have been sitting about in my cupboard since January, but their time has come.

So, starting with a 4.5 mile run, then 15 minutes HIIT! 3 rounds of the following 5 exercises, 10 seconds rest, 50 seconds play per exercise:

  • Sandbag squat with alternating knee tucks
  • Reverse push ups
  • Backwards lunge with diagonal sandbag swing, alternating sides
  • Push ups with alternating side plank
  • Hanging knee raises (watch that swinging!)



4 thoughts on “dither-not workout

  1. I find it hard getting new running shoes. My old ones are my little buddies, but it is always nice to make new friends πŸ™‚ Yes, was a great week, a post will follow soon!

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