move-it workout

So we all have a brain. Why? To surf tinternet? If you can spare 20minutes from watching Hollyoaks, watch this:

I’m gonna use my noggin and do this workout: HIIT, 18 minutes, 3 rounds of 6 exercise, 10 seconds not using your brain, 50 seconds putting it on over drive!

  • Medicine ball side jump lunges
  • Divebombers
  • Medicine ball alternating skater side leg lifts
  • Alternating side planks
  • Sandbag swings
  • Medicine ball 90degree ball touch

Move it!


6 thoughts on “move-it workout

    • Thank you 🙂 Could prob use either (or both!?!) but i balance the ball on my shins, by taking my feet off the ground and bending at the knees at 90 degrees so my shins are are parallel to the ground. Then come up to touch the sides of the ball. it really work it! 🙂

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