pain in the butt

Yesterday was interesting. The majority of it was spent flat out on my bed or floor, in pain, unable to move. Why? A little thing called the sciatic nerve.

The shampoo bit:
The sciatic nerve runs down your lower back and along your sacrum and out across your butt. If you have a protruding disc, disc degeneration, or some impingement of the nerve (which can also be caused by the piriformis muscle) it can cause mild discomfort to intense pain and general unpleasantness. For a more concise scientific description, best google it!

I have had a few minor sciatica episodes; usually after some stretching and an anitinflamatory, it disappears. This time it hit during a climbing session, and put on a real hissy fit. It got so bad that by the next morning I could not put any weight on that leg or activate my gutes without searing nerve pain. Ibuprofen, no help. Some attempts were made at stretching; these were aborted due to the resulting pain. Eventually codeine came to my rescue and eased the pain enough to begin stretching and mobilising the area, and by the end of the day I was up and walking about with only minor twinges.

I suspect this episode was triggered from a weekend of long journeys by train (more on that later), coupled with my job chained to a desk.

Lesson learned! Don’t sit too long, stretch often, form is everything!


2 thoughts on “pain in the butt

    • Oh no! I hope you don’t suffer from it as well šŸ˜¦ no fun! Today I am feeling so much better, and without the painkillers šŸ™‚ Thank you for your kind wishes! Have an amazing day!

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