100 workout

Today urbanbeings is 100 blogs old!

Who would have thought it, eh? Blogs are funny little nuggets (not that size matters (so they say) it is the chicken inside that counts). Throwing random workouts into the expanding void that is internet gives me a feeling of satisfaction, knowing I am doing my bit to further clutter it up and baffle anyone who may stumble on it.

On that note, I have listed just a couple of blogs that I enjoy and if you have landed here by mistake or you haven’t heard of them, go and check them out, they have much more useful things to say!:


Joy, fitness, and style

This Is How I Get Through The Day

Doctor Quack

To celebrate this landmark, I have put together an extra special workout! Time challenge, but remember, keep good form. Run through 1, 2,…, let’s say 10 rounds of the following circuit so you clock up 100 reps of each exercise (except skipping, that would be just too easy):

  • 100 x high knees skipping
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 squat jumps
  • 10 weighted single leg deadlifts (left leg)
  • 10 weighted single leg deadlifts (right leg)
  • 10 jump lunges
  • 10 reverse pushups
  • 10 leg raises
  • 10 medicine ball woodchops (left)
  • 10 medicine ball woodchops (right)

I am aiming for 30 minutes… I doubt I will finish in an hour.

At the risk of sounding sentimental, thanks for reading and following along πŸ™‚



8 thoughts on “100 workout

  1. Here’s to cluttering up the inter-webz! Cheers!!!
    Awesome workout and no doubt in my mind you will get it done in exactly 33 minutes πŸ˜‰

    • Thank you so much, that really means a lot to me πŸ™‚ I really enjoy your blog, it very inspiring and full of… well, Joy! I hope others find it and have the chance to enjoy it also! take care and have a wonderful day

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