It might well be raining, but since when has that ever got in the way? Unless you are playing tennis at Wimbledon; a good way to tell it’s that time of the year. Since I am not on center court, I’m going to get out there in it. Starting with a jog and some sprints to warm up, then 3 rounds of the following exercises for time:

  • 160 high knees (or skipping if you brought your rope along)
  • 80 walking lunges
  • 40 sumo air squats
  • 20 V crunches
  • 10 beautiful and perfect push ups
  • 5 pull ups




4 thoughts on “rain-on

  1. Love the cool new vibe around here 🙂
    The one thing I learned rather quick living in England was that when its rainy and dreary outside? Get your butt out there!

      • No kidding! Every weekend we would wake up early and take the train from Ely into London. I can honestly say that 99.987% of the time it was raining before we left the station…An hour or so later in London? Sunny and beautiful weather to walk around in the parks.

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