burn-it-up again!

There has been ice-cream in my life the past couple of weeks. Quite a bit. A lot, in fact. Therapeutic, you understand, given the heat. Shame the UK is not so hot. Probably for the best!

After digging through the sweat stained workouts littering this blog I dredged up this oldie for today. Should heat things up…

24 minutes of HIIT: 4 rounds of the following 6 exercises, 10 seconds rest, 50 seconds on hotting up:

  • Medicine ball running squat thrusts
  • Medicine ball Russian twists
  • High knees skipping
  • Reverse push ups
  • Sandbag swings
  • Jump lunge with medicine ball over head, then diagonal swing down past the leading leg and back

4 thoughts on “burn-it-up again!

  1. One heart for our Ice Cream’s pride
    One heart for the times we cherish
    One heart gotta stay alive.. .I will survive
    One heart for the city streets
    One heart for the hip hop beats
    One heart oh I do believe
    One heart is all we need

    Back in a minute … Off to get some delicious ice cream!!! Glad to see that you are doing so well and traveling about! Take care!!!

    • heart and ice cream, don’t need much else! 🙂 yes, been out and about lately, having an amazing time, but it is good to be home and catching up on things!

      Great to hear from you, are you following the Olympics? States are doing brilliantly! I was just watching the gymnastics and they are all fabulous

      • I really enjoyed your picture of the refreshing Stellas sweating a bit … My wife and I have a funny story involving: A few Stella’s, A train ride from Kings Cross and a few mates having fun after a hard fought Arsenal victory.

        I’m totally digging the Olympics and not so much for the chilly temps. The sport of women’s beach volley ball is being severely harmed. 😉

        As always there are some really good stories coming out of the games. Honestly, the UK men (s) gymnastic team is brilliant and those dudes have some pretty cool hair styles!

  2. they might just have been the most refreshing beers ever! to be honest any climbing event usually ends with a pint or two for me! hehe, that combination can only mean a great story! 😀

    me too! even events that i don’t know much about, you can only admire the high standard and skill of all the athletes! lol, it’s all about the hair 😉 was pleased to see the US womens gymnastics team win gold yesterday, they were amazing! Hmmm… wonder what is on today!

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