heart and buckets

Been watching the Olympics this weekend (in between climbing and other shenanigans) . Hard to avoid, but why would I want to? Extraordinary athletes, at the top of their game, awesome stuff.

Just hard work and heart. A sprinkle in your cereal, make it a great day!

Time challenge, whoop whoop!

Rummaging about at the bottom of the workout bag, among the fluff and odd socks, the buckets workout.

4 circuits of the following exercises in this order, as fast as you can keeping awesome form all the time:

  • 100 x high knees skipping
  • 10 x sand bag drag + 10 running squat thrusts (this is one rep, do 10 of them!)
  • 100 x scissors skipping
  • 10 x knee raise burpee
  • 100 x jacks skipping
  • 10 x medicine ball jump lunge and swing

Fill it with heart!


2 thoughts on “heart and buckets

  1. How cool was it for Andy Murray to pull off the gold in brilliant fashion?!? The socks at the bottom of my workout bag and not quite as awesome as yours! Great workout for a sunny Monday morning. 🙂

    • It was super cool. Straight sets and everything! My socks are to be avoided at all costs, a trip to Mars is safer 😉 have an amazing day!

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