it’s all about the boobs

Isn’t it?

Female runner?Then it ought to be!

I have something to get off my, err, chest…

I’m not about the coolest kit.

Work out in what ever you got. You don’t need the latest, most fashionable, super-duper, sweat-wicking, anti-smelling, great-butt-rounding, make-you-run-faster, would-you-like-milk-in-your-coffee-this-morning running kit.

You don’t.

What you do need – girls, please ignore me if you know this, but from what I see out there, their are some lovely ladies who don’t. Guys, just ignore me – is a proper sports bra!

Invest in one. A good one. It’s worth it. Get two! Do it for yourself! I don’t care if you are lusciously large, or perfectly petite, your boobs need protection! There should be minimal bounce. Save bouncing for other times.

For running, no bouncy.

You can find more info on finding the right bra for you in this article here.

I dream. I dream of a day when I am not distracted when out by women about to give themselves a black eye because they are not wearing a proper bra while running…

OK, done.

Today’s plan: warm up to this, get that heart beating.

Now, interval sprinting. That’s right, give your bra the ultimate test! 8 rounds of 1 minute sprints with 1 minute rest in between.

Don’t forget to cool down after!


12 thoughts on “it’s all about the boobs

  1. Thank goodness you wrote this … Just saying you have a more delicate touch with your words. πŸ™‚ Oh, and I fully agree that the “ladies” need a proper sports bra.

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