in for the kill

I was brought up on 2000AD comics. Could not get enough. 7 years old, I used to sit and trawl for hours through piles of comics from my mate’s brothers stash. Awesome stuff.

1995, Judge Dredd the movie was released… what a shame… like two day old pants (still love you Stallone, not your bad).

2012 (AD), they are trying again, this time in 3D (hmm). I’ve seen the trailer, I’ve read the comic, I’ll see the film before I give my verdict.

The plan: HIIT, 18 minutes. 6 rounds of the following three exercises, 10 seconds rest, 50 seconds doing perfect reps:

  • Backwards lunge with shoulder press, alternate legs
  • Super girl press ups
  • Sandbag swings

Warm it up, cool it down.


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