sandbag special

Sitting by the bookshelf, alone, negected. Dust bunnies drift by, stop, commiserate, roll past. Ultimate sandbag? Ultimate sadsack!

Have you heard this before? Do your tools towards a stronger, fitter, healthier you lie weeping, forgotten in the atic?

Dial 0800-cry-me-a-river.

No one puts sandbag in the corner!

Drag it out, dust it off, time to manhandle some kitty litter!

The plan:

40 x sandbag backwards lunges (alt legs)
20 x sandbag squats
10 x press ups
5 x pull ups

Three or four rounds. What no abs? If you’re not engaging your abs all the way through you are doing something wrong, massively wrong, and you are probably broken.



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