pull your socks up

Odd socks. I don’t think I have a single pair of matching socks. Saying that, took me 10 minutes this morning to find any socks, let alone matching or even a similar colour.

Maybe I need to do some washing. Taking a different view – to buy more socks. They are, after all, essential to the comfort of hot sweaty feet… also great when working out.

Odd socks are an age old issue. Many attempts have been made to combat the loss of socks such as the sock clip (who really uses them?) . So, where do all the odd socks go? More mystifying: how do they change appearance? Put a pair in, get a different combination out.

The plan: Rest day! Take this time to check for sock meeting places, and hiding holes. If you are not afflicted with this problem, get out there for a brisk walk or gentle jog then work on any mobility issues.

Have a beautiful day.



4 thoughts on “pull your socks up

      • Quite a few šŸ™‚ Then the white ones started turning blue and that was it. Guess that’s why I only wear black socks now, just in case. I like to think I am rather domesticated and handy … Just not with the wash.

      • well, we all need a bit of a wild side šŸ™‚ so, it was a series of events? wearing just black – brilliant plan. wish i didn’t get distracted with cute designs. have a fantastic day!!

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