Another beautiful morning in London, more like summer than summer was!

Nuff said.

Actually, I just want to say, that the workouts I post here are just the ones I do as they suit me and my goals. I think when you commence any exercise program it is super important to tailor it to your own personal aims and goals so that you can gain as much as possible from your hard work and effort.

If you know what your goals are but are not too sure how to achieve them, maybe do some research or have a chat with a personal trainer or the like to help you develop a program just for you. Think about how much time you realistically want to commit,  do you want to compliment a sport, loose weight, gain muscle, improve stamina, flexibility, diet?… Then think how to implement it so that you are most likely to enjoy it (should always be fun) and comply to it so you get the most from it.

We are all unique and require different things. Make your training unique to you.

I am currently rethinking my own next seasons goals… Lots to think about!

The plan: 18 minutes HIIT today! So, set timers, watches, whatever you like best for 18 rounds of 10 seconds rest and 50 seconds completing as many reps as possible (no counting rubbish reps). Do three rounds of the following 6 exercises:

  • High knees skipping
  • Jump lunge with medicine over head then bring down across and to the side of the leading leg
  • Scissors skipping
  • Medicine ball plank jacks (super tight)
  • Running skipping
  • Medicine ball 180 degree jump burpees – Start standing, squat down placing med ball on the ground jump back into plank and back then jump up and turn 180 degrees to face the other way, repeat. Jump in alternating directions.



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