tongue tied

This week sees the start of season X of Red Dwarf! Not gonna lie to ya, I am half excited, half nervous considering the latest attempts. This is classic TV that I was raised on… Explains a lot… So, starting the week with a song and a dance! Also, if you are game, this workout!

The plan: 20 minutes of HIIT! Complete 2 rounds of the following exercises:

  • Backwards sandbag lunge and kick – left leg
  • Backwards sandbag lunge and kick – right leg
  • Alternating side hip raises
  • Pull ups
  • Sandbag squats
  • V crunches
  • Diving monkeys
  • Side lunge knee tuck – left leg
  • Side lunge knee tuck – right leg
  • Sandbag swings




7 thoughts on “tongue tied

  1. Never watched Red Dwarf, you need to tell me more about it. 😉 I was raised on old Dr. Who and the Dukes of Hazard … Not a pretty picture to say the least!

    • basically, Red Dwarf is a comedy series set in the future on a mining ship called Red Dwarf. There was an accident on the ship that kills everyone except a slob called Lister who was preserved in stasis for smuggling a cat on board. the ships computer, Holly could only let him out 3million years later when the background radiation is low enough for him to live. So the whole show is about Lister, Holly, the Cat (a creature evolved from the cat Lister brought on board) and Rimmer (Lister’s superior officer who is brought back as a hollogram by Holly to keep Lister sane) running about in space an eating curry… If you can find it I recommend watching from the third series, as that is where it picks up (first couple of series are good, but it gets better, then it got worse on the very last series or so)… as you can see, big fan 🙂 sorry i wrote so much, such a nerd!!!

      • Thank you! I’m searching the inter-webz high and low, Netflix took it off streaming but I’ll find another way. 😉
        Nerd?!? Gosh, my Son is dressing up like the newer, cooler, hipper Dr. Who this year for Halloween.

      • Yup, hitting up the second hand stores this weekend … Looking for tweed and little dude suits. Thank you once again for the recommendation, you sold me on Red Dwarf!

      • he is gonna have the best outfit 😀 doctor who is classic (even the new hip and groovy one!) hehe, hope you enjoy it! it is a bit nuts but i love it 🙂 have a great day!

      • I’ll send you a picture when we get it all together! Same to you, have a great night. 🙂

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