It’s all a bit mellow around here. What’s the rush anyway? Turn it on, switch it up and just melt into some relaxed beats. After working from home for the past few days, I decided to head back into the office. Apparently, I was ‘moving into territory past kooky‘ being left to my own devices.

I hadn’t noticed.

A little disconcerting.

The plan: 18 minutes worth of HIIT! 50 seconds working with 10 seconds getting to the next exercise in the circuit. Six exercises so that would make it three rounds. Lets do it!

  • High knees skipping
  • Thrusters (with weights, or not, you choose)
  • Medicine ball mountain climbers
  • Jump lunges with a medicine ball twist over the leading knee
  • Box jumps
  • Press ups with a side plank hip raise after each one, alternate the side

To all American peeps, Happy Thanksgiving! Have a fun pumpkin pie filled day, with lots of (American) football! Is that how it goes?!? I just don’t know…


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