fivefingers … fivetoes, no?

these are my new Vibram Bikila fivetoes (10 toes total, I did the math) heavily subsidized by gift vouchers received 4 years ago for my ehum-th birthday (thank you, guys!).

First shop impressions: not so easy to get on. My poor toes are used to being crammed into climbing shoes small enough to make them curl under. Took 5 minutes to find my little toe hiding behind its neighbor.

Once on, how cool can you get? These rock like pebbles in the surf! After a run on the ‘mill (‘are you tying to get a work out in?’) I was politely asked if I would take them.

Excited for a test run later today, yay!

The plan: Test run shiny new Bikila! Then, HIIT: 4 rounds of the following 5 exercises, 10 seconds rest and 50 seconds work:

  • Single leg push up (alternate legs)
  • High knees skipping
  • Half medicine ball burpees
  • High knees skipping
  • Medicine ball goblet squats



4 thoughts on “fivefingers

  1. Take it easy with your new shoes, for a little bit at least. 😉 Learning how to run like a child again takes some time …

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