porcelain bowls

porcelain bowls

Bowls are ace. You can put things in them: food, buttons, plants, mice, staples, chocolate buttons, olives, jelly beans… Very versatile.

These particular bowls I made out of porcelain, with a blue and greenish glaze… But you can see that. Small they maybe, but I reckon you could get a teacup piglet into the blue one. Might run away though.

porcelain bowls stacked

Each bowl was pinched out by hand, hence the wonkyness and undulations. They stack too! Essential for saving cupboard space.

porcelain bowl greenish

porcelain bowl bluePorcelain might not be the easiest material I have used to handbuild with, but it does have a wonderful  finish. Waiting for the next batch to come out of the oven!

Super bowl!


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