It’s Friday. A time to kick back, grab a drink, and let the weekend roll!

The plan: HIIT, you know I missed you. I am not just about sprints these days! 15 minutes consisting of 3 rounds of the following 5 exercises (perform each exercise for 50 seconds, then give yourself 10 seconds to, erm, nearly recover):

  • Diving monkeys
  • Bunny hops over your bench
  • Kettle bell/sandbag/heavy item swing (snappy hips)
  • Burpees, and I mean full
  • 90 degree medicine ball touch (lie on your back, feet off the ground, shank parallel to the ground and balance your med ball/sandbag/something weighty on top. Lift your shoulders off the ground and reach forward to touch it and back down. Repeat).

If that wasn’t enough chest and back super sets!

Have a good one, maybe a freaky one…


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