last of last years pots

A new term for potting starts next week, excellent! What’s the point in throwing clay about unless it stands a small chance of hitting someone.

Here are some of last years final completed pots:

A large coiled bowl with a matte white glaze inside, unglazed outside. At the moment with no apparent purpose other than to take up valuable real estate on my dinner table.

An oval-shaped coiled serving bowl, matte white outside, shiny shiny white inside. I would like to say I serve lots of steamed veg in it, but that would be a lie. I can say it holds a large bag of salt and vinegar crisps easily… for a while…


A coiled vase. Satin white with green strips. Who would have thought there were so many types of white?

It wouldn’t be a pottery post without something pinched (bottom? naughty!). These little guys are an experiment, dipping my toes into the dark world of textured black clay. That’s me… living on the edge… in the fast lane… yup….

So, the middle one is just plain black clay unglazed on the outside and a transparent glaze inside. In fact, I had dabbed on some violently purple glaze to the outside which seems to have just burnt off leaving some grey smudges, which are not unattractive. Actually, glazing this black clay seems to be more an issue than I thought. I did attempt a shiny white glaze on one of my pinched pots, but it cracked. Go figure, eh?

The other two I layered up some grogged architectural clay with the black clay and then pinched them into shape. I quite like the effect, also don’t need to spend ages agonizing about which glazes to use.

I do that.


The black clay has an amazing depth and texture to it. Almost swallowing the light. Messy to work with though, gets everywhere… well… not quite everywhere!


2 thoughts on “last of last years pots

  1. The top bowl is *nice*, esp. combination of outer texture & inner smooth. Good luck with a new year and a new term of pot-making. Thanks for the Green Man ‘like’ – I’m in new territory here. Always good.

    • Thank you, I loved the texture, so just decided to let the clay speak for it’s self. I love your Green Man, he has great face! Looking forward to seeing the final thing!

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