body talk

Your body is talking to you. All the time, as a matter of fact. Talk to yourself, it’s OK… if you do this on a crowded bus, no one will sit next to you… Tried and tested.

When it comes to whether to workout or not, it will help you know where you are at, not always as easy as it seems. Sometimes your body lies. The horror! Are you in need of a rest day, or, just lethargic from slouching at your desk all day? A rest day sounds appropriate, or is it just your body trying to get one past you and give you an excuse to surf Pinterest.

How can you tell? Well, I suppose super inner tuning and an honest body; but who has all that!?!

One method that works for me, and may work for you, is to get up, get changed, and do a good warm up. If you are running go for a 10 minute jog.

Now body,  how do you feel? Oh, you have a spring now do you? What’s that? A bit flushed, with?… with energy and well-being? I say!

Get on it, and make use of that fine bod’ you are in! But…

Your feeling tired and lack-luster? No, those aren’t lead weights on your feet… just trainers. 

Could be you are over doing it. Done a few heavy training days in a row? Coming down with something?… A recovery day would most likely be better for you. Maybe a series of Sun Salutations will stretch you out and a few good mobs (you are changed after all) will put you in a better place than smashing out some HIIT or lifting heavy stuff.

For myself, I am surprised (I shouldn’t be) how often it is my mind and body being lazy and too willing to just sit there. Once in a while, a good rest has served me well. But, by getting up and doing a warm up, it allows you to have a proper chat with your body and find out what you really need.

The plan: Chest and back weights today!

4 sets of

  • 8 x bar chest press
  • 10 x bar upright row

3 sets of

  • 10 x dumbbell chest flys
  • 10 x plate back extensions
  • 10 x dumbbell bent over rows (each side)

Job’s a good’n!


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