i will wait

It has been ages, and I mean simply way too long, since the last time I went climbing. My hands are soft and feet comfortable… not for long! Tonight is the night!

The plan (till then): 8 x 2 minute fast as possible sprints for the whole duration with 1 minute recovery. Dig deep, those seconds make trickle by as slowly as treacle from a spoon, but they will pass. Warm up good and proper first!



6 thoughts on “i will wait

    • very excited! 😀 to be honest, wouldn’t feel right if part of me wasn’t complaining about something 😉 hopefully won’t get too pumped early on!

      • There’s only one way to get the calluses back for climbing, well actually there’s more, but … I’ll stop here.
        Don’t forget about your legs the first time back, something tells me they will come in handy after a little bit. Have fun 🙂

      • hehe, thank you 🙂 yes, great tip! I shall remember that when trying to use my pitiful shoulders to haul myself up! have a great day!

  1. Haul yourself up? Surely not! Only us blokes thug their way up the rock, you ladies generally climb with poise and balance, and that’s meant as an observation, definitely not trying to be patronising here.

    • Ah, poise and balance… two words that could not be applied to me last night, I am no ballerina 🙂 brilliant fun though and ace to back on the wall. I hope the weather clears up this year, want to get out doors more!

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