say my name

The plan: turn it up and do 4 rounds of the following 4 exercises for time:

  • 10 x medicine ball 180 degree jump burpees – holding a medicine ball, squat down and jump back into the plank on the ball. Jump back to a squat then jump up and around by 180 degrees. That’s one rep.
  • 10 x diving monkey push ups or normal push ups
  • 10 x medicine ball jump lunge and swings – holding a medicine ball in both hands get into the lunge position. Hold the ball above your head and do a jump lunge to switch legs. In this position, keeping your torso upright and tight with your arms straight,  bring the medicine ball down and across the outside of the leading leg, then reverse the move back up above your head. That’s one rep.
  • 10 x side plank knee tuck (each side) – get into the side plank position. Lift the upper leg off the ground and your upper arm stretched out pointing up. Now perform a knee tuck touching the elbow to your knee. That is one rep.



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