my love

The plan: Warm up, grab your medicine ball, have a little fun! 20 minutes, 10 seconds rest, 50 work, 5 rounds of the following 4 exercises:

  • Medicine ball half burpee
  • Medicine ball push up
  • Medicine ball jump lunge and twist
  • Medicine ball alternating side plank knee tucks

my love…


running up that hill


Train for what?

Train for a sport or for competition.

Train to be stronger, to be healthier, to look better, to feel better.

Train for the freedom to move, how, when, where you like.

Train for the fun of it, the joy, the exhilaration, the liberation.

Train for the challenge, for perfection, for movement and flow.

Train for the sheer love of it.

It’s not training.

It’s life.

The plan? guess!

heart of gold

Taking some lessons in stillness and being mindfull… I suppose, living now, not in the past or the future and being aware of what you are doing when you are doing it.

Obviously I lack basic skills in English to convey the finer points, but why not trot over to CultFit for clarification?

Now, what shall I have for dinner tonight? What did I have yesterday? …

The plan: Warm up, nice and warm now. Then crack out 5 rounds of these exercises:

  • 15 tricep dips
  • 15 backwards lunge and kick up with sandbag (each leg)
  • 15 press ups
  • 15 hanging leg raises
  • 15 single leg RDL (each leg)


cut me out

Interesting discussion last night at pottery: quitting the smokes! sensitive topic. We all know smoking is bad, and I mean super-bad. Might try quitting, but after a pint or two, a cheeky smoke is so tempting… So how can we quit for good?

I don’t have the answer.

Wouldn’t even pretend to. But what came up time and time again last night, was needing to not only genuinely want to stop, but to be in the right mind space. Subtle difference, I know, but crucial? The mind is awesome powerful…

Speaking of pottery, here are a few small porcelain dessert dishes I made. Ice-cream anyone?

dessert dishes

The plan: 4 rounds of the following exercises, every perfect rep counts!:

  • 40 sandbag backwards lunge (20 each side)
  • 30 sandbag squats
  • 20 Press ups
  • 10 sandbag bent over row (10 each side)
  • 5 pull ups

TGIF! Have a good one.


Ah TED, so often the voice of reason in an otherwise unreasonable world. I found this excellent talk (sorry, that is a fib, a friend drew it to my attention; thank you!), The Global Food Waste Scandal, by Tristam Stuart a real eye opener.

The plan: To rest those leggies, work on the chest and back! Warm up, then:

4 rounds of:

  • Bar chest press x 8-10 reps
  • Bar up right row x 8-10 reps

3 rounds of:

  • Dumbbell chest flys x 15 reps
  • Back extensions x 15 reps
  • Dumbbell single arm row x 15 reps per arm


body talk

Your body is talking to you. All the time, as a matter of fact. Talk to yourself, it’s OK… if you do this on a crowded bus, no one will sit next to you… Tried and tested.

When it comes to whether to workout or not, it will help you know where you are at, not always as easy as it seems. Sometimes your body lies. The horror! Are you in need of a rest day, or, just lethargic from slouching at your desk all day? A rest day sounds appropriate, or is it just your body trying to get one past you and give you an excuse to surf Pinterest.

How can you tell? Well, I suppose super inner tuning and an honest body; but who has all that!?!

One method that works for me, and may work for you, is to get up, get changed, and do a good warm up. If you are running go for a 10 minute jog.

Now body,  how do you feel? Oh, you have a spring now do you? What’s that? A bit flushed, with?… with energy and well-being? I say!

Get on it, and make use of that fine bod’ you are in! But…

Your feeling tired and lack-luster? No, those aren’t lead weights on your feet… just trainers. 

Could be you are over doing it. Done a few heavy training days in a row? Coming down with something?… A recovery day would most likely be better for you. Maybe a series of Sun Salutations will stretch you out and a few good mobs (you are changed after all) will put you in a better place than smashing out some HIIT or lifting heavy stuff.

For myself, I am surprised (I shouldn’t be) how often it is my mind and body being lazy and too willing to just sit there. Once in a while, a good rest has served me well. But, by getting up and doing a warm up, it allows you to have a proper chat with your body and find out what you really need.

The plan: Chest and back weights today!

4 sets of

  • 8 x bar chest press
  • 10 x bar upright row

3 sets of

  • 10 x dumbbell chest flys
  • 10 x plate back extensions
  • 10 x dumbbell bent over rows (each side)

Job’s a good’n!

last of last years pots

A new term for potting starts next week, excellent! What’s the point in throwing clay about unless it stands a small chance of hitting someone.

Here are some of last years final completed pots:

A large coiled bowl with a matte white glaze inside, unglazed outside. At the moment with no apparent purpose other than to take up valuable real estate on my dinner table.

An oval-shaped coiled serving bowl, matte white outside, shiny shiny white inside. I would like to say I serve lots of steamed veg in it, but that would be a lie. I can say it holds a large bag of salt and vinegar crisps easily… for a while…


A coiled vase. Satin white with green strips. Who would have thought there were so many types of white?

It wouldn’t be a pottery post without something pinched (bottom? naughty!). These little guys are an experiment, dipping my toes into the dark world of textured black clay. That’s me… living on the edge… in the fast lane… yup….

So, the middle one is just plain black clay unglazed on the outside and a transparent glaze inside. In fact, I had dabbed on some violently purple glaze to the outside which seems to have just burnt off leaving some grey smudges, which are not unattractive. Actually, glazing this black clay seems to be more an issue than I thought. I did attempt a shiny white glaze on one of my pinched pots, but it cracked. Go figure, eh?

The other two I layered up some grogged architectural clay with the black clay and then pinched them into shape. I quite like the effect, also don’t need to spend ages agonizing about which glazes to use.

I do that.


The black clay has an amazing depth and texture to it. Almost swallowing the light. Messy to work with though, gets everywhere… well… not quite everywhere!

new year, new site, new you?

Nah, you are perfect just the way you are!

Around here though, I think it needs a little snazzing up. Watch this space, and fingers crossed, the new site will be up and about in a week or so!

Happy happy New Year! That warm fuzzy feeling says it is going to be epic!