low rider

The plan: End of week frazzel. Unwind by saluting the sun, 5 times each side.  Then spend some time working of hip mobility. Feel all that tension trickle out… So good!

Golden rule #3: don’t let your jeans ride tooooo low.

Have a good one, boom!


pull your socks up

Odd socks. I don’t think I have a single pair of matching socks. Saying that, took me 10 minutes this morning to find any socks, let alone matching or even a similar colour.

Maybe I need to do some washing. Taking a different view – to buy more socks. They are, after all, essential to the comfort of hot sweaty feet… also great when working out.

Odd socks are an age old issue. Many attempts have been made to combat the loss of socks such as the sock clip (who really uses them?) . So, where do all the odd socks go? More mystifying: how do they change appearance? Put a pair in, get a different combination out.

The plan: Rest day! Take this time to check for sock meeting places, and hiding holes. If you are not afflicted with this problem, get out there for a brisk walk or gentle jog then work on any mobility issues.

Have a beautiful day.


potty pot pot pots

A couple of bits that I picked up at the studio after being fired (although classes are on hold over summer, they let me sneak in… is that even sneaking?).

A coiled vase with a single reddish glaze all over, then some white dribbled over the top which has broken up during firing to go nice and splotchy (technical terms).

Top view.

A coiled jug. Glaze was a bit patchy, I think I will do something about that when the classes start again. At least the handle stayed on!

rest day

Things have been pretty crazy around here lately. Last weekend was out on the river again, and this week there has simply not been time for workouts and climbing in the evening.

Last night was a great climbing session at the local wall. Not to mention a gentle reminder that my upper body strength is pants. So that is something I am going to be working on in my training a lot. I’ll be back on the workouts tomorrow.

For today though, I need a day of not pushing to the max. In fact, a day of stretching and smelling of roses.

I always smell of roses (don’t ask anyone I know).

tinker tailor soldier spy

I am a little late, I realise that.

The book has been about since 1974, the TV adaptation was made in 1979, and last year the inevitable movie was released.

I would like to say it was so I could review them altogether; that would be a fib. Truth is,  I have only just finished reading the book.

Last year I brought the TV adaptation for the bargain price of £5. Boy, was that amazing value for money. For hours I sat riveted, slowly falling in love with George Smiley, played beautifully by Sir Alec Guinness. Even though the pace was slow, my attention was fixed on the superb characterisation (apart from when I tried to watch an episode too late at night and feel asleep on the sofa… drool) and subtlety so often lacking in more recent dramas.

After seeing this, I had to read the book! 

The book is a great read. I could hardly put it down, although I knew largely how it would pan out from the TV drama. The drama fit so closely to the book that it was like watching it again.

As I neared the end of the book, the film was released on DVD. I rushed out to buy it.

Funnily enough, I was disappointed. Maybe, if I hadn’t been halfway through the book or fallen in love with Sir Alec Guinness’ performance of George Smiley, I would have thought it was better than sliced bread. Few things are better than sliced bread. Don’t get me wrong, the performances were great. The actors well cast, script well written, and shot fantastically.

But for me the plot was too chopped up, and there were some sequences of violence that were merely hinted at in the book and TV adaptation, in my mind making them even more chilling (I have an active imagination). Could it be that there just wasn’t enough time to let the story unfold? This is usually the problem with films based on books. Got to squash it all into 2 – 2.5 hours.

I will give it a few months and come back to the film.

I don’t think I gave it a fair go.

I need to see it with an open mind. Mine is clouded by the book and TV drama, and so I don’t feel I can be totally objective.

Drama drama!

messing about in boats

Spring arrived this weekend. So, what better thing to do, but get out of London and haul the canoe out to paddle on the Thames.

Last year an investment was made into the Savyor Colorado Inflatable Canoe. It is great! Fits into the boot of a car, pumps up super fast (best if you can get someone else to do it) and you are on the river in 10 – 15 minutes max!

We threw the canoe in the car and headed off to Cookham, near Maidenhead to pump it up and go.

No one else seemed to have noticed that winter had skipped town, so we had the river to ourselves.

It was very relaxing.

The river was super still near the lock and the trees cast beautiful reflections.

Wild life was waking up. Kingfishers, coots, swans…

Coot nesting

… not to mention the crocodiles, a little known inhabitant of the Thames.


night run

Tonight I will go for a night run by the river.

No intervals, or speed training. Just a run to unwind. The only aim for this run, is to be as silent as possible. Even if I am slow, to make as little sound as possible. Stealth like.

Running at night soothes me.

Amber lights and shadows relax my eyes.

The streets are quite, sounds muffled by the dark.

Cool air on hot skin.

Just you, your beat, your breath.



jog and stretch!

Not going to lie to you, I am achy today! Yesterday hit the spot. So rather than hammer out more reps, I am going to listen to my body and give it a time out.

Today, I will brave the cold and go for a gentle jog to loosen up those muscles then have a nice relaxing full body stretch focusing on the calfs, hips, hamstrings and, thanks to yesterday the gluts!