more than a feeling

The plan: 20 minutes of HIIT. Complete 4 rounds of these five exercises! 50 seconds working out, 10 seconds to catch your breath and move on. You are gonna love this!

  • Side plank dumb bell twist and press up
  • Medicine ball woodchops
  • High knees skipping
  • Medicine ball half burpee
  • Straight leg deadlift, use a barbell, sandbag, anvil, teenager, whatever you have to hand

Tell me you don’t have more than a feeling!



Just remember to fall in love, there’s nothing else… like you need reminding 😉

The plan: 8×1 minute sprints. If your on a mill, spice it up with some incline, why don’t ya! Speaking of love, don’t forget to warm up and cool down, show your bod’ you love it!

Be well today!

only love…

The plan: back on the HIIT today. Only 18 minutes, mind… yeah, 18 intense minutes! 10 seconds to dash to the next exercise or slurp up some water, 50 seconds to see what you can do. Complete three rounds of these six exercises:

  • High knees skipping
  • Bicep curls
  •  Deadlift clean and press
  • Medicine ball oblique wall throw, change sides every 5 reps
  • Tricep dips
  • Plank it, anyway you like

Be well, and have a good weekend!


The plan: Today we are back on the HIIT! 18 minutes at the highest height of intensity! Set your timers/watches/clock or sun to 10 seconds rest 50 work for 18 rounds and complete 3 rounds of the following 6 exercises… try it… it’s fun!

  • Medicine ball jump lunges
  • Plank
  • High knees skipping
  • Press ups
  • Squat and dumbbell, kettle bell, barbell, any bell press
  • Medicine ball oblique wall throw and catch

Watch out for the monsters!

black flies

Energy continuously flows through, into, and around us. It is in the way we move, create, communicate; it’s what connects us. Guide that flow, make it beautiful.

The plan: A hot flowing warm up then HIIT! 20 minutes, 4 rounds, 5 exercises, 50 seconds of work and 10 seconds ‘rest’:

  • High knees skipping
  • Medicine ball push ups, either both hands on the ball or alternate the side of the ball
  • Side jump lunges
  • Reverse push ups
  • Leg raises with a butt raise

Use the Force, Luke


The plan: Get your boogie on and dance up a good sweat! Then HIIT, 18 minutes of it! So, how about 3 rounds of the following 6 exercises 50 seconds work 10 seconds rest:

  • High knees skipping
  • Diving monkeys
  • Jacks skipping
  • 180 twist medicine ball burpee
  • Single leg skipping (alternating legs every 5 reps)
  • Medicine ball jump lunge

Have an amazing weekend!



i will wait

It has been ages, and I mean simply way too long, since the last time I went climbing. My hands are soft and feet comfortable… not for long! Tonight is the night!

The plan (till then): 8 x 2 minute fast as possible sprints for the whole duration with 1 minute recovery. Dig deep, those seconds make trickle by as slowly as treacle from a spoon, but they will pass. Warm up good and proper first!