slow show

The plan: These aren’t slow, but fast, fast as your legs will carry you!

Warm up, move about, get a sweat on then… sprint for 15 seconds and rest for 15 seconds and do this say 10 times in a row to make a circuit. Give yourself a couple of minutes to recover and do the whole thing again and then a third time.



i need your love

The plan: Sprints! Short, fast, totes amazeballs.

Complete 3 sets of 10 reps, 15 seconds per rep with 15 seconds rest. Go on then, give yourself 2 minutes rest between sets.

Then, 3 or 4 rounds of the following circuit:

  • 10 x chest press
  • 10 x bent over barbell row
  • 10 x chest flys
  • 10 x single arm row


master hunter

The plan: 16 minutes of HIIT. Four rounds, after you warm up, with 50 seconds work and 10 seconds rest between each exercise.

  • Barbell clean and press
  • 2 x Medicine ball plank jacks and medicine ball jump
  • Medicine ball jump lunge and twist
  • Side plank knee tucks, alternating side

Warm down, stretch, breath, relax…


Nothing can top that!…

The plan: get hot, limber up, 8 x 1 minute sprints, 1 minute recovery between reps. Top tip, put on something loud with a decent beat, you’ll be flying!

Then 3 rounds of the following tricep circuit:

  • 15 x tricep dip
  • 15 x tricep over head plate extensions
  • 15 x dumbbell kick backs (each arm)

Then 3 rounds of the following shoulder circuit:

  • 15 x lat raises
  • 15 x military press
  • 15 x plate raises

now, if someone could help me with my jumper…


How about a little pyramid of these four classics? Start with 10 reps for round 1, 9 for round 2, 8 for round 3… till you get to 1 rep. sound good? Yes, yes it does!

  • 10 x goblet squats – heavy as you like
  • 10 x push ups
  • 10 x knee raise burpees
  • 10 x reverse push ups/pull ups

it’s all about the boobs

Isn’t it?

Female runner?Then it ought to be!

I have something to get off my, err, chest…

I’m not about the coolest kit.

Work out in what ever you got. You don’t need the latest, most fashionable, super-duper, sweat-wicking, anti-smelling, great-butt-rounding, make-you-run-faster, would-you-like-milk-in-your-coffee-this-morning running kit.

You don’t.

What you do need – girls, please ignore me if you know this, but from what I see out there, their are some lovely ladies who don’t. Guys, just ignore me – is a proper sports bra!

Invest in one. A good one. It’s worth it. Get two! Do it for yourself! I don’t care if you are lusciously large, or perfectly petite, your boobs need protection! There should be minimal bounce. Save bouncing for other times.

For running, no bouncy.

You can find more info on finding the right bra for you in this article here.

I dream. I dream of a day when I am not distracted when out by women about to give themselves a black eye because they are not wearing a proper bra while running…

OK, done.

Today’s plan: warm up to this, get that heart beating.

Now, interval sprinting. That’s right, give your bra the ultimate test! 8 rounds of 1 minute sprints with 1 minute rest in between.

Don’t forget to cool down after!

speed play day

The Sun has finally started to show up around London. It was just a matter of time really, it is of course where all the cool kids are. This morning was warm and muggy with the afternoon shaping up to being hot and sunny, and the evening mild and perfect for an ice cold stubby… Lovely!

Obviously this is the ideal weather for doing some speed play (my third run of the week), which is why I will take advantage of using the treadmill at work and a big fan to waft a cool breeze over me!

Gonna start with a nice warm up (?!?). Then 5 rounds of 2 minutes recovery then 2 minutes run pushing the speed. For the first three fast intervals I will increase the speed each time, then decrease it over the last two intervals (like a pyramid), however, each fast interval will be significantly faster than my normal running pace.

Always time to play.

i feel the need, the need for…

… a sit down and a slug of water!

If anyone has read my previous blogs (hi!) you will remember me saying I wanted to put more running in my training.

Big words, but today I put my money where my mouth is and accepted an invitation to do some quality interval training with a colleague at work.

He set the session, so for once I can blame my dishevelled state on someone else.

It was a total killer, a show stopper, a jelly leg wobbler! This is how it went (after a warm up):

Total time: 24 minutes (not long? long enough!) . Repeat a total of 4 times. Equipment used: a treadmill

3 minutes quality:

  • 1 minute at a good fast pace. Quite a bit faster than comfortable
  • 30 seconds pick up the pace. Still not giving everything
  • 30 seconds as fast as is sustainable over the time. Pretty much everything, but not so you are about to pass out
  • 30 seconds back to the previous speed (which actually feels nice after the last)
  • 30 seconds at the starting pace

3 minutes jogging recovery

Technically speeds should be set based on maximum heart rate. Since I don’t know mine, and the calculation used to estimate it is clearly off by at least 10bpm, I did it all based on perceived effort, which has apparently been shown to be pretty accurate!

Fantastic workout. Must appeal to the masochistic side of me.