wreck it!

Farewell 2013, hello 2014!

What is in store this year? No idea, but it is going to be a good one!

Here is a little workout to get everything moving in the right direction…

The plan: 20 minutes HIIT. Four rounds of the following five muscle burning moves, 10 seconds rest between each exercise, 50 seconds of work (play… however you see it!):

  • Sandbag clean and press
  • Reverse push up
  • Sandbag dragon lunge
  • Medicine ball diamond pushups
  • 1-2-3-Sandbag sumo squat




The plan: HIIT, short and snappy, your gonna love this! Today, three different sets of HIIT only 6 minutes each. For each set complete 6 rounds of the two exercises, 25 seconds per exercise with 5 seconds to get ready for the next (plenty of time!). All you need is a timer, kettle bell or sandbag, and a skipping rope!

First set:

  • High knees skipping
  • Single leg push ups, alternating legs

Second set:

  • Side plank hip raises, alternating sides
  • Sandbag swings

Third set:

  • Jump lunges
  • Single leg dead lifts, each round alternate the leg so you get a total of 3 rounds per leg

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

more than a feeling

The plan: 20 minutes of HIIT. Complete 4 rounds of these five exercises! 50 seconds working out, 10 seconds to catch your breath and move on. You are gonna love this!

  • Side plank dumb bell twist and press up
  • Medicine ball woodchops
  • High knees skipping
  • Medicine ball half burpee
  • Straight leg deadlift, use a barbell, sandbag, anvil, teenager, whatever you have to hand

Tell me you don’t have more than a feeling!


Just remember to fall in love, there’s nothing else… like you need reminding 😉

The plan: 8×1 minute sprints. If your on a mill, spice it up with some incline, why don’t ya! Speaking of love, don’t forget to warm up and cool down, show your bod’ you love it!

Be well today!


The plan: Today we are back on the HIIT! 18 minutes at the highest height of intensity! Set your timers/watches/clock or sun to 10 seconds rest 50 work for 18 rounds and complete 3 rounds of the following 6 exercises… try it… it’s fun!

  • Medicine ball jump lunges
  • Plank
  • High knees skipping
  • Press ups
  • Squat and dumbbell, kettle bell, barbell, any bell press
  • Medicine ball oblique wall throw and catch

Watch out for the monsters!

heart of gold

Taking some lessons in stillness and being mindfull… I suppose, living now, not in the past or the future and being aware of what you are doing when you are doing it.

Obviously I lack basic skills in English to convey the finer points, but why not trot over to CultFit for clarification?

Now, what shall I have for dinner tonight? What did I have yesterday? …

The plan: Warm up, nice and warm now. Then crack out 5 rounds of these exercises:

  • 15 tricep dips
  • 15 backwards lunge and kick up with sandbag (each leg)
  • 15 press ups
  • 15 hanging leg raises
  • 15 single leg RDL (each leg)


cut me out

Interesting discussion last night at pottery: quitting the smokes! sensitive topic. We all know smoking is bad, and I mean super-bad. Might try quitting, but after a pint or two, a cheeky smoke is so tempting… So how can we quit for good?

I don’t have the answer.

Wouldn’t even pretend to. But what came up time and time again last night, was needing to not only genuinely want to stop, but to be in the right mind space. Subtle difference, I know, but crucial? The mind is awesome powerful…

Speaking of pottery, here are a few small porcelain dessert dishes I made. Ice-cream anyone?

dessert dishes

The plan: 4 rounds of the following exercises, every perfect rep counts!:

  • 40 sandbag backwards lunge (20 each side)
  • 30 sandbag squats
  • 20 Press ups
  • 10 sandbag bent over row (10 each side)
  • 5 pull ups

TGIF! Have a good one.

limit to your love

The plan: HIIT today, 9 rounds of the following 4 exercises. 30 seconds performing exercise then 10 seconds to get ready for the next one. Don’t forget to warm up nice and hot first!

  • Side jump lunge
  • Single leg Romanian deadlift with sandbag/weights/sack of potatoes (left)
  • Single leg Romanian deadlift (right)
  • Inclined press ups (feet up!)


apply within


The plan: 18 minutes of HIIT. Warm up till nice and pliant, then perform three rounds of the following circuit, allowing 10 seconds between each 50 seconds performing the exercise. High intensity!

  • High knees skipping
  • Bunny hops of over a bench
  • High knees skipping
  • 1 arm medicine ball press ups, alternate the side of the ball each rep
  • High knees skipping
  • Kettle bell swings


3 x tricep circuit:

  • 15 tricep dips
  • 15 tricep dumbbell kickbacks (each arm)
  • 15 tricep overhead extensions

3 x shoulder circuit:

  • 15 dumbbell lat raises
  • 15 dumbbell military press
  • 15 plate front raises

Job jobbed.


It’s Friday. A time to kick back, grab a drink, and let the weekend roll!

The plan: HIIT, you know I missed you. I am not just about sprints these days! 15 minutes consisting of 3 rounds of the following 5 exercises (perform each exercise for 50 seconds, then give yourself 10 seconds to, erm, nearly recover):

  • Diving monkeys
  • Bunny hops over your bench
  • Kettle bell/sandbag/heavy item swing (snappy hips)
  • Burpees, and I mean full
  • 90 degree medicine ball touch (lie on your back, feet off the ground, shank parallel to the ground and balance your med ball/sandbag/something weighty on top. Lift your shoulders off the ground and reach forward to touch it and back down. Repeat).

If that wasn’t enough chest and back super sets!

Have a good one, maybe a freaky one…