wreck it!

Farewell 2013, hello 2014!

What is in store this year? No idea, but it is going to be a good one!

Here is a little workout to get everything moving in the right direction…

The plan: 20 minutes HIIT. Four rounds of the following five muscle burning moves, 10 seconds rest between each exercise, 50 seconds of work (play… however you see it!):

  • Sandbag clean and press
  • Reverse push up
  • Sandbag dragon lunge
  • Medicine ball diamond pushups
  • 1-2-3-Sandbag sumo squat



slow show

The plan: These aren’t slow, but fast, fast as your legs will carry you!

Warm up, move about, get a sweat on then… sprint for 15 seconds and rest for 15 seconds and do this say 10 times in a row to make a circuit. Give yourself a couple of minutes to recover and do the whole thing again and then a third time.


dog house

… and we’re back!

I realised today, that this year I have climbed more in the great outdoors than stuck in a climbing gym. This is big, and I mean epic. I have never been able to say that before, and I say a lot of things.

Could be the totes-amaze weather, or the easier access to a car. Could just be that nothing compares to the feel of proper rock. I am still a total scaredy-cat, but that’s OK with me. A quick panic half way up is not unusual to make sure I am tied in properly, even if my knot has been checked, twice. In retrospect, I did get halfway up a route once to find I hadn’t tied in at all… We’ve all been there though… haven’t we? right?

I have, however, decided that roadside crags are not for me. Thank you, but no.

The plan: Super-set me today, hitting the legs and butt!… only in a good way… Warm up, not really a problem since it is about 30degs out there, then:

4 circuits of:

  • Deadlifts x 8
  • Single leg step up x8

Then, 4 circuits of:

  • Straight leg deadlifts x 8
  • Barbell bridges x 8



The plan: HIIT, short and snappy, your gonna love this! Today, three different sets of HIIT only 6 minutes each. For each set complete 6 rounds of the two exercises, 25 seconds per exercise with 5 seconds to get ready for the next (plenty of time!). All you need is a timer, kettle bell or sandbag, and a skipping rope!

First set:

  • High knees skipping
  • Single leg push ups, alternating legs

Second set:

  • Side plank hip raises, alternating sides
  • Sandbag swings

Third set:

  • Jump lunges
  • Single leg dead lifts, each round alternate the leg so you get a total of 3 rounds per leg

Enjoy the holiday weekend!


The plan: Today we are back on the HIIT! 18 minutes at the highest height of intensity! Set your timers/watches/clock or sun to 10 seconds rest 50 work for 18 rounds and complete 3 rounds of the following 6 exercises… try it… it’s fun!

  • Medicine ball jump lunges
  • Plank
  • High knees skipping
  • Press ups
  • Squat and dumbbell, kettle bell, barbell, any bell press
  • Medicine ball oblique wall throw and catch

Watch out for the monsters!


The plan: Get your boogie on and dance up a good sweat! Then HIIT, 18 minutes of it! So, how about 3 rounds of the following 6 exercises 50 seconds work 10 seconds rest:

  • High knees skipping
  • Diving monkeys
  • Jacks skipping
  • 180 twist medicine ball burpee
  • Single leg skipping (alternating legs every 5 reps)
  • Medicine ball jump lunge

Have an amazing weekend!



heart of gold

Taking some lessons in stillness and being mindfull… I suppose, living now, not in the past or the future and being aware of what you are doing when you are doing it.

Obviously I lack basic skills in English to convey the finer points, but why not trot over to CultFit for clarification?

Now, what shall I have for dinner tonight? What did I have yesterday? …

The plan: Warm up, nice and warm now. Then crack out 5 rounds of these exercises:

  • 15 tricep dips
  • 15 backwards lunge and kick up with sandbag (each leg)
  • 15 press ups
  • 15 hanging leg raises
  • 15 single leg RDL (each leg)