hard-body workout

No one said it would be easy (or did I not get the memo).

In fact, I’m pretty sure it takes time (although, let’s face it, not that much, just skip 30mins of rubbish TV), a good portion of physical effort, and while we are at it, let’s throw in some dedication!

But it’s worth it, right? Don’t you just feel great after a challenging workout? Are you not fitter, healthier, and stronger? I am not just talking about physically stronger, but also mentally stronger. Can you be tuckered out, but still push through past it to pump out just one more perfect rep?

It’s hard.

You know what? You can do it.

Today’s workout is aimed to challenge endurance and of course tone up the old bod! Only 20 minutes of HIIT, no excuses really! Set timers for 20 rounds of 10 seconds rest and 50 seconds pushing to the max and complete 4 circuits of the following 5 exercises, you’re gonna love it:

  • Three low jacks holding med ball then down into a medicine ball plank jump
  • Medicine ball russian twist
  • Jump lunge holding medicine ball over head then after each jump swing it down and across the front leg
  • Reverse push up
  • Sandbag swing



3 thoughts on “hard-body workout

  1. Thanks for the training suggestions; they will definitely get you in good shape:)) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

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